The measurements on each shoe may vary slightly. Please check the product details on the shoe(s) you are interested in to make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your child.

When in doubt, order a size larger. Especially since children's feet grow so quickly.

To measure your child's foot:


1. Have your child stand on a piece of paper bare footed.

2. Make a mark at the tip of the big toe and at the end of the heel.

3. Now measure the length between the two marks.

4. Now add 3/4" -1" inch to your measurement (to account for the outsole)
5.  The final number is the amount of space your child's foot will take up in the shoe. Use this number to determine which size will fit your child's foot best.
6. The measurement shown next to each size is the length of the outsole
***Note: each shoe has the correct size and measurement detailed in the product description below each shoe's picture.